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Learning English through cooking


The New Hampshire Bureau of Adult Education supports educational services to adults who have not received a high school credential; who do not have the academic skills equivalent to a high school diploma or who do not read, write or speak English.


The mission of the New Hampshire Bureau of Adult Education is to:

  • provide a variety of educational opportunities to empower adults to become lifelong learners,

  • to support individuals in identifying and achieving their potential academic and/or career goals, and

  • to assist students to become active participants in their communities.

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Whole Village Family Resource Center
Whole Village Family Resource Center
Granite United Way

Whole Village Family Resource Center provides family support services using the Strengthening Families model.  Strengthening Families is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.  It is based on engaging families, programs, and communities in building five protective factors:

  • Parental resilience

  • Social connections

  • Knowledge of parenting and child development

  • Concrete support in times of need

  • Social and emotional competence of children

Click here for a list of service agency partners.

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